Curls n Bows is an e-commerce small business selling scrunchies for our beautiful ladies. Our goal is to spread colors wherever can, to simply cherish the beauty around us. We want to make scrunchies in a reasonable range, with no compromise on quality of course, to give a chance to every one, feel the elegance and premium quality in an affordable price. The quality assurance of the products after manufacturing give that premium feel in hands that ladies ask for.

We understand customers demands and want to resolve all the problems that compromises their beauty. We try to maintain excellent customer services so that our customers can shop easily and happily.

The color choices of the scrunchies are derived from the trend that is following and the fabric selection is made based on the demand. Yet more to come……… we have lots of surprises ahead for you!!

Keep shopping ……….. because we know what you need.

Meet The Founder

Hi, I am Asma Mohsin, founder of Curls n Bows. Being a mother of 4 girls, it was always challenging for me to beautify my girls with the best I can give. Originated then, the idea of making scruchies as they turn out elegant each time it was made. So why not share with my ladies out there so that they can have the feel too.